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CSI Miami Episode #618 — “Tunnel Vision”

Actually I don’t have much crit­i­cism of this episode from a firearms point of view. Mainly because there wasn’t that much data, but let’s get started.

1) The pro­jec­tile recov­ered from autopsy was too badly dam­aged for com­par­i­son pur­poses. Well it was sup­posed to be a 9mm Luger pro­jec­tile fired from a SIG P226. In my expe­ri­ence, most 9mm Luger pro­jec­tiles are 115gr full metal jack­ets (FMJ). The many autopsy 9mm Luger pro­jec­tiles I’ve looked at have never been that badly dam­aged as to pre­vent com­par­i­son analy­sis — or at least give it a try. There even hit­ting bone (ribs most likely in this case), there wouldn’t have been that bad of damage.

2) The SIG P226 is a semi-automatic pis­tol, which means after it was fired, an empty cas­ing should have been ejected out, and recov­ered dur­ing the crime scene inves­ti­ga­tion. Even if the vic­tim in this case had Wolverine’s Adamantium skele­tal struc­ture, the cas­ing should have had plenty of infor­ma­tion for com­par­i­son purposes.


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