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Teen With Blood-Alcohol Content of 0.578 Survives After Weekend Party

I have to won­der the accu­racy of the pur­ported BAC in this arti­cle. But just to help you under­stand how much alco­hol this is, if we assume a 115 lb female, to be at a BAC of 0.578, she would have to have absorbed around 15 stan­dard drinks (12 oz beer, 1 oz shot of 100 proof hard liquor). That doesn’t take into account how much she would have elim­i­nated (metab­o­lized) from the start of drink­ing, until her blood/breath/or urine was tested. So in short, she would have had to have had over 15 beers to be at this level.

Original arti­cle here.

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. — A Rohnert Park teen is recov­er­ing at home after drink­ing what med­ical pro­fes­sion­als say could have been a lethal amount of alcohol.

Rohnert Park police say the 15-year-old girl’s blood-alcohol con­tent was 0.578 — seven times the level for drunken dri­ving — when she was hos­pi­tal­ized over the weekend.

A police spokesman says after being taken by ambu­lance to a hos­pi­tal Friday night, doc­tors feared she would not live through the night.

Police say the girl had been at party at a home with a group of friends, with no adults present.

Investigators are still piec­ing together what hap­pened that night and try­ing to deter­mine if there was any crim­i­nal wrongdoing.

The name of the girl has not been released.


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