Forensics Guy, Inc. has a variety of presentations to offer. Presentations on forensic science in general, as well as some presentations specific to different types of forensic science analysis. These presentations are routinely given at seminars around the state of Arizona, and can be offered to interested parties.

For Law Enforcement Agencies:

Forensics Guy, Inc. can offer high quality, fast turn around forensic analysis of firearm related evidence. With rumors that the Arizona state crime lab is going to have to start charging for services due to budget problems, paying for forensic testing services might become mandatory. Instead of waiting 6 to 12 months to have the laboratory support what your investigation has already shown, why not turn back the clock to when the forensic lab would help out a current investigation.

The following is just a partial list of the services available for law enforcement agencies:

  • function testing
  • comparison of fired casings and projectiles
  • distance determination
  • shoot incident reconstruction
  • NIBIN entry
For Legal Agencies/Firms (Plaintiffs, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys):

Forensics Guy, Inc. can offer additional analysis beyond what the police laboratories are willing or able to perform. At Forensics Guy, Inc. we will work with you to determine what additional analysis is likely to produce probative information, offer evidence of mitigating circumstances, and help to minimize the “CSI effect” during trial.

The following is a partial list of the types of services available to legal agencies/firms:

  • dram shop case support: retrograde extrapolation, signs and symptoms of alcohol impairment
  • review of police lab reports
  • re-analysis of other laboratory work
  • additional analysis to supplement previous laboratory work
  • analysis that might be needed to prevent the “CSI effect” during trial
  • expert witness testimony

Services Offered by Forensics Guy, Inc.

For a comprehensive list and explanation of services offered, please contact me.